Management Letter

A story of continuous innovation and improvement

A message from Jordan Breiner, General manager of the Flat Roll Group Butler Division.

Welcome to SDI’s Butler Flat Roll Division. On this website, we showcase what we have to offer: the highest-quality products and services for the widest range of applications. Please take a good look around. You’ll find an overview of our facilities, what we make, how we make it, and for whom. You’ll also find a wealth of resources for customers, suppliers, and employees.

If you’re unfamiliar with how we make steel, be sure to click on “Steelmaking Process” at the top of the home page and watch the video “Full Circle.”

The Butler Division is the oldest of SDI’s many successful endeavors. When we say “old,” however, we’re talking about the two decades or so that it’s taken us to grow from one greenfield flat-roll mill in northeast Indiana to being the fifth-largest producer of carbon steel in the United States. SDI now operates six mills and related ventures in several states.

Our flat-roll mill, near Butler, Indiana, not far from Fort Wayne, was planned and constructed in record time. That’s an important point to make because, as you’ll discover, we don’t waste time when there’s work to be done and customers to be served.

As a whole, the SDI Flat Roll Group is world leader in the efficient, cost-effective production of flat-rolled steel. As a company, SDI is in the vanguard of state-of-the-industry mini-mill technology, a more environmentally friendly way to make steel than the conventional integrated method.

The Butler Division consists of our main mill campus at Butler and our finishing complex at Jeffersonville, Indiana, where we also produce Galvalume in extra-wide dimensions. In addition, we operate high-capacity, state-of-the-art paint lines at Butler and Jeffersonville. We also offer customers a wide range of galvanized products at Jeffersonville.

The secret to our success? Our people. We hire the best and brightest people, professionals who share the entrepreneurial spirit that’s made our company successful. We then place them in an incentive-rich environment where they’re well-rewarded for achievement. We provide them with the support and independence they need to do great things.

Today, SDI flat-roll steel is all around us. We make products for the widest range of customers and applications in construction, transportation, agriculture, consumer goods, and other industries. We also provide a superior range of value-added services. Customers current and new come to us looking for outstanding service and for continuous innovation and improvement, and that’s just what they get.