Painted steel sheet

The Flat Roll Group operates two state-of-the-industry continuous coil-coating lines, enabling us to streamline supply chains for customers using prepainted steel. Our coil-coating lines are integral to our finishing facilities at Butler and Jeffersonville, Indiana, allowing us to exploit our industry-leading cycle times to produce prepainted steel more quickly than any other supplier in the nation. The elimination of a third-party toll coater also allows our customers to avoid altogether the logistical expenses typically associated with moving steel from the producing mill to a coil coater for toll painting. Additionally, there is no coater-fault yield loss associated with our business model—this can be a significant savings opportunity since we capture and immediately recycle any yield loss at our facility.

Even more important than our industry-leading cost and lead times, is the fact that both of our coil-coating lines are equipped with tension levelers and high-definition surface inspection systems to ensure that we consistently achieve the highest-quality standards. Customers in a variety of industries use our prepainted steel in the manufacture of appliances, consumer electronics, garage doors, lighting, office furniture, purlins, roofing, siding, truck trailers, and school buses.

Gauges (in.) .012 – .070 minimum ordered thickness
Widths (in.) 40–61
Chemical Treatments
  • Bonderite® 902 Iron Phosphate
  • Bonderite® 1303 Complex Oxide
  • Bonderite® 1402 Dried-in-place Chromate
  • Bonderite® 1421 Zinc Phosphate
  • Bonderite® 1455 Dried-in-place Titanium (RoHS-compliant)
Paint Chemistries
  • Polyester
  • Silicone-modified Polyester
  • PVDF or Kynar®
  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic