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Galvalume® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.

Hot-rolled steel sheet Hot-rolled steel sheet is the primary form of steel produced by the Flat Roll Group. Our capabilities range from formable low-carbon grades to ultra-high-strength steels, with certification available to various ASTM, SAE, JIS, and API standards.

Our seven-stand hot-strip mill enables us to produce the lightest-gauge hot-rolled steel in North America while maintaining the most precise gauge control available in the industry. As a result, our unprocessed hot-rolled bands and our processed hot-rolled steel sheet are used in a variety of demanding applications by manufacturers in the agricultural-machinery, automotive, appliance, construction, heavy-equipment, lawn and garden, pipe and tube, racking, and truck-trailer industries.

Cold-rolled steel sheet Although we have the capacity to produce more than 3 million tons of hot-rolled steel sheet each year, a significant portion of this material is finished in our cold-mill complex at Butler before being shipped to our customers.

Metallic-coated steel sheet The Flat Roll Group operates three metallic-coating lines with diverse capabilities to better serve a broad range of customer applications. Each of these lines incorporates temper rolling and tension leveling to ensure excellent surface and shape characteristics. The Techs operates an additional three galvanizing lines, adding to SDI’s capacity to serve its customers.

Painted steel sheet The Flat Roll Group operates two state-of-the-industry continuous coil-coating lines, enabling us to streamline supply chains for customers using prepainted steel. Our coil-coating lines are integral to our finishing facilities at Butler and Jeffersonville, Indiana, allowing us to exploit our industry-leading cycle times to produce prepainted steel more quickly than any other supplier in the nation.